data cleansing

Clean Data – Don’t Forget The Basics!

Clean All The Data!

Technology and Big Data techniques are increasing and improving at an exponential rate. Every day we meet companies who are implementing new systems, new processes and lots of other shiny new toys – all of which rely on clean data. But the old adage still applies – Rubbish In = Rubbish Out. Everyone knows that clean data decays – people move, change jobs, change name, companies close, open new sites, rebrand, etc. But because it is a tedious, un-exciting aspect of data management, cleaning data is often overlooked or ignored. Big mistake!

At Kudos we have a dedicated team who look after our clients’ data. This includes finding and updating email addresses, telephone numbers, job titles, correcting addresses, company names and suchlike. Yes it seems dull and boring but without this service the marketing communications don’t get through and the field sales teams are inefficient and always complaining to their data team! And if you work out the cost of keeping the data clean compared to the cost of wasted comms and sales visits, it’s a no-brainer. So if your company does not utilise such a service to maintain your clean data in the old fashioned way, maybe you should!

The team also undertake specialist research and list building projects. Recent examples include building a bespoke database of ALL Solar Farms in the UK – both active and at planning stage. This includes area, kW, type, OS co-ordinates, ownership and much more.

Every month the team research and append the government’s Rateable Value to a client’s customer and prospect records. For another client the team research and capture the worldwide Corporate family tree details for their new customers each month. And for another client they have built and maintain a complete database of all the UK’s truck-stops, including full facilities on offer, capacity and more.

So yes, get excited by your shiny new systems and processes – but don’t forget that data is the fuel that makes the sales & marketing engine work! Talk to Kudos about how we can help maintain your data cleanliness. And we love a challenge! If you have a strange, bizarre, “out there” requirement to build a niche dataset or find some obscure piece of information – talk to us! The team are waiting for you.

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