Now that GDPR is confirmed in the UK for April 2018, granular consent management will become a prerequisite of managing your prospect and Supporter data.

The recent ICO charity fines for not managing Supporter consent and permissions statements may apply to many other charities (and non-charitable organisations) as ICO compliance guidelines for the current Data Protection Act have always been very woolly. The Preference Centre enables you to be compliant.

What’s more, under GDPR, maximum fines will increase from the current ceiling of £500,000 to €20 million or 4% or annual global turnover, (whichever is higher). This raises the very real spectre of closure or insolvency for many organisations.


The Preference Centre can integrate with your CRM system, website, email platform and other infrastructure, removing the necessity to redevelop legacy systems or halt current system migrations.


Maximising opt-in rates will open up a new Fundraising front that requires consent statements to undergo rigourous testing and roll-out processes, to determine the most effective wording to generate consent. Consent requires segmentation and analysis — just like the rest of your campaigns. The Preference Centre provides this functionality as well as centrally managing every individual’s preferences, permissions and consent.

  • Used by Regulators, Governments, plus charities and commercial organisations
  • Proven to increase positive consent rates
  • Easy integration with your existing infrastructure
  • GDPR and DPA compliant

The Preference Centre is the solution required to future-proof your data marketing activities and ensure compliance. It takes feeds from your legacy systems and manages your Supporter’s personal channel permissions. It handles contradictory consent, (ie a Supporter opts-in when talking to your call centre but opts-out on your website or to a piece of direct mail). It enables product and channel-based permissions, (ie opt-in to newsletters by email but opt-out of direct mail offers, etc).

In addition The Preference Centre can generate standalone forms for consent gathering and handle email opt-out links from any system. Plus current permissions can be uploaded easily by administrators, even prospect records!

Permission statements can be tested in groups with live reporting, enabling poor performing statements to be removed with a single click. The Administration area gives you full reporting on your permission channels, areas and statements, allowing you to easily track and audit results and easily produce SAR reports on demand.


IMPORTANTLY, this is a web-based service that can be connected to by any email or CRM system to query for single records or whole permission groups. Opt-in/opt-out requests from your audience link directly into the Preference Centre, creating a complete time-stamped audit trail.


Following our involvement with the IOF & fast.MAP on Preference Management, Kudos are offering a free consultancy session to all charities. Contact us to request your free session.

For more details on how to ensure you stay compliant and centrally manage all your consents across multiple platforms, give James Squires a call on 0330 043 1593 or email