Data Hygiene

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What is data suppression?

Our Managing Director Mark Robinson answers your most frequently asked questions on data suppression. What is data suppression? Well suppression is the process of removing your unwanted records from your database or your CRM system, these include gone aways, people or companies who have moved address, deceased people (for obvious reasons) or people who have [...] READ MORE
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Why is Data Hygiene important? (Part 3)

Our Managing Director answers your questions "Why is data hygiene Important?" "Data hygiene is important because its basically the foundation of everything you do with data, whether it be analytics, segmentation, profiling or indeed communicating with the audience that you have the old adage of rubbish in, rubbish out, is absolutely true in the case [...] READ MORE
what are data cleaning techniques?

What are data cleaning techniques?

Our Managing Director Mark Robinson answers your frequently asked questions. "I'm gonna go through and just very briefly and run through the processes that we would typically go through, data hygiene and data cleaning really is a bore and a chore for most database managers we know that we understand that, but I think everyone [...] READ MORE
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What are the benefits of data clean up?

Managing Director Mark Robinson answers your questions "What are the benefits of data clean up?  I can answer that really quickly, there is four fundamental reasons the first one is cost, it saves you cost, if you're sending the wrong information to the wrong individuals or the wrong companies then you are costing yourself money [...] READ MORE
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What is the role of data enhancement?

How does data enhancement extend the value of your customer data? Data Enhancement Role So what is data enhancement (often called data enrichment, or data appending)? It is the process of adding data variables to a contact (or business) record from your database. These may be consumer-based demographics such as gender, age, property type, income, […]