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Research Team Expands Due to Customer Demand

Kudos Data Solutions has recruited 2 new members to the ever-growing Research team. Chloe Baines and Tyne Sarson showed the necessary diligence and ability to think their way out of a problem – skills that many people do not have! Research Director, Nicky Gill, commented “We have to deliver such a wide range of projects […]

Know Your Customer (KYC) Data Sourcing

The financial industry around the world is continuing to face regulatory pressure regarding Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Compliance with AML and Know Your Customer KYC requires robust processes and infrastructure – it also requires extensive data resources! And this is where Kudos Data Solutions excels.

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90 Million UK KYC Identify Verification Records!

Kudos Data Solutions has created the UK’s largest KYC Identity Verification Universe, designed for identity verification and ‘Know Your Customer’ purposes. With monthly updates, the Universe is the first of its kind in the UK due to our unique linkage of: 47 million Consumers plus Date of Birth, Income, Telephone, opted-in emails and more 2 […]