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Too much data privacy regulation too fast?

“Too Much Data Privacy Regulation Too Fast?” was a question asked in a recent article in InformationWeek… Businesses Always Complain About The Cost of Legislation! This article raises some pertinent questions about data privacy regulation and the costs and difficulties for businesses to comply, whether that be CCPA in the US, GDPR in Europe […]

What are the benefits of FastStats?

What are the Benefits of FastStats?

The first, probably biggest, benefit is the integration, the fact that it combines data analysis tools, data insight tools with campaign management, so rather than having to take data and insight from one system into another it is basically all integrated in so you can deploy the insight that you generate very quickly into the […]

who's the typical user of Zoho One?

Who’s the typical user of Zoho One?

Whos the typical user of Zoho One? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all customer, we have customers who are sole traders right the way through to blue-chip enterprise-size organizations. So why does an application suite contain 40+ applications fit every type of business from a sole trader right the way through to a […]

What is KYC?

What is KYC?

So, what is KYC and why is it important? Well firstly, what is KYC screening? KYC screening is know your customer and know your customer regulation all falls under money laundering regulations of 2017 within the UK. It is important because what it actually allows that bank, that financial institution to be able to do, […]

What is required for KYC?

What is Required for KYC

So, what is required for KYC? So, as part of the KYC or know your customer typical checks, a customer would be required to present typically two forms of identification, the first one would be a proof of address and the second one would be a proof of ID. So, proof of address, typically would […]

what are data cleaning techniques?

What are data cleaning techniques?

I’m gonna go through and just very briefly run through the processes that we would typically go through, data hygiene and data cleaning really is a bore and a chore for most database managers we know that we understand that, but I think everyone knows it’s an absolute necessity and basically its a dirty job […]

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What are the benefits of data clean up?

Managing Director Mark Robinson answers your questions What are the benefits of data clean up?  I can answer that really quickly, there is four fundamental reasons the first one is cost, it saves you cost, if you’re sending the wrong information to the wrong individuals or the wrong companies then you are costing yourself money […]

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How much does Zoho One Cost?

So the big question, how much does Zoho One actually cost? “Well you will be pleased to know its one of the cheapest CRM tools on the market, never mind the other 40+ applications you get as part of the entire business suite. You can run the entire business suite for £30 a month a […]

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What is KYC Screening?

What is KYC? What is KYC screening? And why is it important? Well, KYC is part of anti money laundering regulations that came in in 2017 in the UK and KYC stands for know your customer. Why should our clients be carrying out these KYC checks? Well, first of all its part of the legislation, […]

What apps are included in Zoho One?

What is Zoho One?

So what is Zoho One? Zoho One is a suite of applications, those applications are everything you need to run your business regardless of size, small, medium all the way up to enterprise level. Whats contained in that suite of products is over 40 applications, those applications are everything you need for every department of […]

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What is the role of data enhancement?

How does data enhancement extend the value of your customer data? Data Enhancement Role So what is data enhancement (often called data enrichment, or data appending)? It is the process of adding data variables to a contact (or business) record from your database. These may be consumer-based demographics such as gender, age, property type, income, […]

suppression screening important

Why is suppression screening important?

Over half a billion deceased, goneaway and home mover records at the best rates available. WHY SCREEN YOUR DATA? The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) make the following recommendations. And we agree! Screen against preference services It is a legal requirement and your obligation under the DMA Code and CAP Code to screen your data […]