Cassie, Preference Centre for IT teams

cassie management platformOptimal flexibility.
Maximum compliance

When you introduce Cassie Management Platform as the solution to your organisation’s customer data compliance, you free up time to allow your IT team to do what they do best: improving your online products and supporting users.


How does Cassie’s Preference Centre help?

Designed to address your challenges


cassie management platformTicking all the boxes

Maintaining regulatory compliance across customer portals and websites can be a huge resource drain. With Cassie, it’s all handled for you.


auditing and transparency Auditing and transparency

Retrieving time-stamped, auditable preference data histories can be time consuming. Preference Centre enables this reporting at any level of granularity you need.


performance and securityPerformance and security

As a cloud-based platform, Cassie Management Platform integrates seamlessly and securely with your customer database or CRM. Onboarding is quick and straightforward.

Centralise your preference data

A single platform to centralise all of your customer consent data


No more issues around data granularity

cassie management platformBy delivering granular consent, Cassie’s Preference Centre enables your prospects and users to grant permission exactly as they see fit. This reduces the volume of full opt outs and enhances the overall customer experience.


Constantly updated in-line with legislation

Leave the worry of legislation to us. We are experts and stay abreast of current and upcoming legislation to make sure our that platform meets the necessary standards.


A powerful API

Data and insights you can use across your applications


powerful APIDifferentiate between product and channel based permissions.

The platform allows you to gain consent via channel or at a granular level. It gives your business the opportunity to engage with your customers on a personal level, providing them with only the communications that matter to them most.

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