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Can FastStats do Modelling and Profiling?

Yes absolutely it can, the modeling module that comes with FastStats has been designed to enable marketers and not statisticians to build really complicated, complex, statistically robust models so that might be PWE modeling maybe decision trees using Chi squares. It would build profiling models, we build scoring models, propensity models, and such as using the technology. It has been designed for marketers to build that kind of models, its not requiring in-depth heavy statistical knowledge because it guides you through it, there are wizards too to help you actually build and understand the output and models and the key thing is that those models can then be deployed really quickly within the system to actually segment score your customers, your prospects and then start to build the campaign journeys that you need to build based on their segmentation and based on their differences. So, that is a really key part of what FastStats have been designed for.”

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