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can FastStats do modelling? | Kudos Data Solutions

Can FastStats do Modelling and Profiling?

Yes absolutely it can, the modeling module that comes with FastStats has been designed to enable marketers and not statisticians to build really complicated, complex, statistically robust models so that might be PWE modeling maybe decision trees using Chi squares. It would build profiling models, we build scoring models, propensity models, and such as using […]

Is zoho one any good? | Kudos Data Solutions

Is Zoho One any good?

Right the million-dollar question, is Zoho One any good? Well, the answer to that is yes, it really is there is nothing comparable on the market that even comes close with the kind of price. Zoho One suite gives you over 40 applications to run every part of your business and the cost is just […]

what comes with zoho one?

What comes with Zoho One?

Well, a full suite of 40+ applications that you need to run your business which is contained in that suite of applications for you. So let me try to remember them for you we have Zoho CRM, one of the best customer record tools available to you, you have Zoho projects, we use Zoho Projects […]

What are the benefits of FastStats?

What are the Benefits of FastStats?

The first, probably biggest, benefit is the integration, the fact that it combines data analysis tools, data insight tools with campaign management, so rather than having to take data and insight from one system into another it is basically all integrated in so you can deploy the insight that you generate very quickly into the […]

who's the typical user of Zoho One?

Who’s the typical user of Zoho One?

Whos the typical user of Zoho One? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all customer, we have customers who are sole traders right the way through to blue-chip enterprise-size organizations. So why does an application suite contain 40+ applications fit every type of business from a sole trader right the way through to a […]

What is KYC?

What is KYC?

So, what is KYC and why is it important? Well firstly, what is KYC screening? KYC screening is know your customer and know your customer regulation all falls under money laundering regulations of 2017 within the UK. It is important because what it actually allows that bank, that financial institution to be able to do, […]

How effective is FastStats?

Is FastStats easy to use?

Is FastStats easy to use? Its a question we often get, the answer, clearly, is yes. The product being developed for marketers to use it is not being built such as SAS or SPSS or a number of the other products on the market for statisticians, mathematicians, technical programmers and the like. So, the whole […]

What modules are available within FastStats?

What is FastStats?

What is FastStats? FastStats is basically a data insight, data mining tool that has been developed for marketers, not for programmers, not for statisticians and it also comes with a campaign management module so you are basically able to drill into to analyze the data, develop insights, segmentation, profiling and such like. And then actually […]

What is required for KYC?

What is Required for KYC

So, what is required for KYC? So, as part of the KYC or know your customer typical checks, a customer would be required to present typically two forms of identification, the first one would be a proof of address and the second one would be a proof of ID. So, proof of address, typically would […]