What a great start to the week – I took a call from the Direct Marketing Association this morning and was notified that we had successfully passed their compliance audit. Huge thanks and congratulations to all the Kudos team. I’m pleased that the DMA (Direct marketing association) is taking data privacy, usage and compliance seriously. I’m even more pleased that Kudos Data Solutions are one of the first agencies to pass the audit. Our customers and suppliers can rest assured that we are amongst the safest hands in the country!

So what is it all about? In line with the DMA’s drive for the highest standards and a responsible approach to data-driven marketing, the compliance audit has been introduced to provide additional assurance to brands and reinforce the importance of only working with DMA member companies.

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Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA (Direct marketing association), comments: “In an increasingly connected world, data forms the backbone of many businesses. Customers need to be able to trust that any data a company has on them will be treated in the correct way and that any business is being transparent about how they want to use that information. The updated compliance process ensures that DMA members continue to work to the highest standards and that membership remains a badge of accreditation that can be trusted in a data-driven world.”

What is the updated compliance process?

Every DMA member will have to go through a compliance process in order to ensure their practices are in line with the DMA Code. This involves an initial assessment that is reviewed by the Direct marketing association’s own compliance team, including any further follow-up required. Additionally, any business that is classified as buying or selling data will also be asked to go through an external audit that has been designed by the DMA, but will be conducted by an independent third party.

How does the audit process work?

The first stage of the DMA’s compliance process includes an initial questionnaire about the core activities and details of the business. This is reviewed internally by the DMA compliance team and based on this information it decides whether the company will be required to go through the external audit process or not.

The company then has to complete an initial DMA compliance questionnaire that will cover issues such as training, disaster recovery, data security and outsourcer/affiliate management.

Upon completion of the initial questionnaire, the applicant will be asked to progress to the second stage of the process, the external audit. The external audit will apply specifically to the buying and management of data, for example, when and where was the data collected, the appropriate opt-in statement and privacy policy, TPS screening procedures, other suppressions, website forms, telephone scripts, and similar activities.

The applicant’s audit report is then reviewed by The DMA and approval is given (or not). If not successful, reasons are given as well as recommendations on how to become compliant.

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So if you need data, systems, insight or related services, please contact Kudos. You know are in safe hands!

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