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90 Million UK KYC Identify Verification Records!

Kudos Data Solutions has created the UK’s largest KYC Identity Verification Universe, designed for identity verification and ‘Know Your Customer’ purposes. With monthly updates, the Universe is the first of its kind in the UK due to our unique linkage of:

47 million Consumers plus Date of Birth, Income, Telephone, opted-in emails and more

2 million Businesses plus trading information and business demographics

5 million Business owners and employees with Job Titles, Telephone & Email

6 million Directorships linking Consumer and Business datasets

40,000 Clubs & Societies plus Club Secretary or similar contacts

30 million Consumer historical addresses since 2006

The UK KYC Identity Verification Universe is available to lease by end users and KYC system providers. It provides our clients with a complete picture of the UK Consumer and Business landscape for identity verification purposes. Monthly updates are included.

Combining Consumers with Businesses, Directorships, Not-For-Profit Organisations and Historical datasets, the Universe ties all of the data together through the use of unique linkages for the first time. This comprehensive solution provides an unrivalled depth of verification data. All available emails, landline and mobile data plus date of birth and more are also provided.

Source information is held against every record, as is the number of times a record has been provided across different sources. This enables us to verify, rank and score an individual. Quality scores are also provided against Date of Birth, Address, Telephone, Mobile & Email fields.

Unrivalled Depth of Verification Data

Universe Foundations

The Universe is built from a variety of sources including The Edited Electoral Roll, Companies House, Land Registry, Directors at Home, Census, consented online and offline data feeds, Postal Returns and Mortality files. All data is compliant with the applicable laws, regulations and guidelines surrounding the use of third party data. The records are then enhanced through 100’s of other sources to compile the full Universe.

Why Use Kudos?

What makes Kudos different? Well, we built our business on sourcing the right data for Clients. We know the markets, the players, the movers and the shakers. We also know the sharks to steer clear of! And we have a proven KYC due diligence process for on-boarding.

Our entire business is built around data – not the systems that hold and use data – but the actual, raw data. So Kudos focus on sourcing the right data for you, whilst the system supplier concentrates on making the system work. You get two expert companies working together to provide the best solution available.

Kudos Data Solutions are experienced at sourcing identity verification datasets (consumer and business) around the world for our clients. We are proud to be the Global Data Sourcing Partner for one of the biggest international Banks in the world as well as being an accredited supplier to some of the world’s largest Blue Chip companies. We provide data from every continent (except Antarctica – even we can’t find comprehensive data there!)

Let Kudos Manage The KYC Data Sourcing Process

Kudos are system-agnostic! We work with all Know Your Customer system providers to lend our experience in the data-sourcing world. We identify and test various datasets in each country, manage the long-list process and refine this to a short-list which is then used for Proof of Concept processing within the KYC environment. Then we negotiate hard on the client’s behalf for roll-out and manage all data supplies to the client or system supplier.

James Squires, Commercial Director says “KYC system suppliers know their systems. But they are not data sourcing experts – that is our job! We research each market in the world, we talk to each supplier, we understand their data and sources. We undertake due diligence. And then we negotiate on your behalf. We also manage the data supplies, updates and Client/Supplier liason”

Kudos has developed a proven, robust process for Know Your Customer data sourcing. We have also developed a worldwide network of data partners. If you need KYC datasets, we have the experience, knowledge, partner network and processes to deliver your requirements and ensure your compliance.

For further information please contact James Squires on 0330 043 1583 or